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Omnia Sports Management & Promotion in addition to representing professional basketball players, also offers sports marketing, sponsoring projects for professional clubs.
The annual reports with the most prestigious club basketball in Italy and Greece have given Omnia Sports able to offer business partners a set of tools for visibility at major meetings of sportsmen. Such tools are the event management, co-marketing activities, co-brandig and walk about going to integrate the advertising on the sideline creating further opportunities for the companies involved. Sport remains an important and very crucial to the visibility of your company brand through advertising on the sideline, the games on TV and the internet, the press and various sporting events. Omnia Sports offers a portfolio with media and advertising solutions to diversified media planning customized to meet your needs through communication and in-depth study of customer needs, define objectives and strategies to achieve the maximum return in terms of image, ensuring the optimization of resources. Omnia Sports tip through a sporting event to give viewers a unique and arousing strong emotions that create a bond between people and strengthen the relationship between lovers.Omnia Sports leverages the potential of combining sports and entertainment, fun, passion and hospitality to increase business partner companies. 

Omnia Sports event

Omnia Sports management & promotion is a company that has gained considerable experience in the field of organization of any kind of sporting event that relates to activities in the field. The well-established expertise, professionalism and seriousness, make Omnia Sports management & promotion a society that supports the customer in the various stages of the process of organizing an event and want to exploit the extraordinary potential of involvement and communication of sports events.
We are here to offer you the best solution in sports events, tournaments or sponsorship business into basketball world and also in other sports activities through our partners europewide.
Omnia Sports has organized numerous friendlies, of various kinds throughout the world, including club teams and Nationals. Moreover she has been occupied with the Organization of retreats and friendlies, exclusively for high-level basketball Clubs, cause we think that players representation is not only our main activity .

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