Omnia Sports is a global agency, which through its partners and associates in different corners of the world,is providing mediation services contract between players and professional sports clubs


Our mission is to provide our customers the highest level of service possible. We are committed to providing our client all the foundations just to reach its full potential and goals


We want to help you achieve this goal and our commitment is to do everything.We are authorized from the official licence of FIBA trough the italian,the german and the greek basketball federations.


Omnia Sports course provides a well-developed sales network with branches and agencies across Italy and Greece are able to develop customized solutions and strategies for corporate communication and management in sport. .


Communicate through the activities sports means to bind his image with positive values of enterprise, dynamism and strength, making membership in a very wide and diverse audience,through our authorized agents

Contact channels

Contact us , and get informations regarding our services for players, clubs and marketing deals in basketball business, through our contact channels ,social media and all mobile applications,reaching both offices

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