The historical period we are living a unique period, original and also very difficult to face since the economic resources are very limited due to the scarce income from ticketing and sponsorships not only in the world of basketball.
understand the fact that during the present crisis, many clubs are terminating the contracts of players and coaches without a valid reason. Furthermore, the players are unilaterally forced by the clubs to reduce their salaries, which is a practice that is against the principal of contractual stability. In addition, basketball agents are not receiving the full remuneration they have the right to obtain.
I firmly believe that the time has come to find a formula , a project plan or a combination to build a new basketball when this epidemic finally leaves us.
The cooperation and understanding of all the parties involved are fundamental, without going to the legal extremes, but understanding that good communication could lead to a good sharing of ideas, in a critical period like this.
We are all directly involved, from different views, in the world that we have chosen to be . Therefore I am convinced that everyone must be united in the same direction in order to save basketball that lacks finances and ideas.
We need to understand that if we want to have the best competition this must be against ourselves to become better, changing our mentality and growing through basketball.
Giorgio Zambellis